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There’s something to be said about Facebook profile pictures where one’s mouth is gaping open. In every status— they seem to be shouting.

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Do Something: Hands that Feed

Film producer Josh Levin has worked with numerous non-profit organizations such as the Conservation International and the Rainforest Alliance. He recently wrote me ato discuss his latest film project,  Hands that Feed.  The documentary, which is still in production, will explore “Haiti’s food crisis and the grassroots sustainable ag-based recovery movement [that is] emerging [in the country].”

The production team includes director, Michael Caton whose film work spans over a decade, and associate producer and Haitian-American, Ketty Joe Henri. The film will document the efforts of Haiti’s young people (who make up a large majority of the population) and how they’ve come together to learn how to sustain the country’s soil and agriculture on their own.

Please support Josh Levin and his film, Hands that Feed by donating anything you can to! They have until Monday to  reach their goal of $15,000, and if its not met, all the money already donated (which as of now is  close to $13,00) will return to the donors.

Merci & cheers.

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RIP Freaknik

The world was sadly disappointed. We all wanted the Freaknik we had heard about: girls dancing on top of candy-coated Caddys while their Uncle Luc cheers them on.

We were anticipating Atlanta to turn into that dark and dirty South orgy we all love to hate but can’t help being fascinated with at the same time.

But sadly, the world was disappointed. (Yes, the world— Even France). Simply put- the people of Atlanta have evolved and left Freaknik behind. 

We’ll always have the VHS memories.

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Weekend Wins: Wonderful World of, Roman Photos,Beer

Bar crawls around Little 5 have special meaning when art is involved. The Wonderful World of art show at Aurora Coffee Friday had me itching to get home and let a ball of energy start bouncing off the walls. Prints and various digital media from the likes of Nikita Gale and Infamous JeanClaude decked the walls of my favorite coffee place. I’m still a little annoyed I forgot to take pictures but the $2 PBR made up for it.

 To top it off, Roman Photos played an impressive show at The Highland InnSaturday night. The band which is made up of David Mansfield, Chris Daresta, Allen Taylor, and Drew Haddon boast colorful dance tunes reminiscent of post-punk bands reigning from the days of Factory Records.

Oh, art.

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21 Facts: Toussaint Louverture

by Milton B. Beckerman

1. The Louisiana Purchase may not have been made had it not been for Toussaint Louverture.
2. Louverture freed the slaves of Haiti in the only permanently successful slave revolt in history.
3. He developed the idea of dominion status for Haiti as part of France. Rejected by Napoleon, the idea subsequently was used by Great Britain 66 years later on July 1, 1862, when Canada became the first dominion.
4. He wrote the first constitution for Haiti. It was the second constitution for a republic in the Western Hemisphere.
5. He was the greatest Black general in history, except for Hannibal 2000 years earlier.
6. He was the most outstanding Black statesman in history.
7. He possessed outstanding ability as a civil administrator.
8. He set up the first legal code for Haiti.
9. He devised the first universal school system for Black people.
10. He dealt with the first five presidents of the United States or their representatives, either when they were in that office or when they were Secretary of State.
11. He was the first Black man to be the subject of poems by two of America’s leading poets.
12. He was the only Black general to defeat three of the world’s biggest armies: French, British and Spanish.
13. He declared emancipation for slaves 61 years before U.S. president Abraham Lincoln did so.
14. He devised a plan for how slaves could gain economic freedom, before those rights were granted in any other country.
15. By bringing the freedom of slaves to the world’s attention, Louverture’ example helped other worldwide liberation movements develop (women’s right to vote and other women’s issues, child labor laws, environmental movements and others).
16. He caused European governments for the first time to deal with the aspirations of Black colonial people. His example was followed by Simon Bolivar in South America, Russians with serfs, British in India, and Boers in South Africa (due to Gandhi’s leadership).
17. Set up the first new and simplified tax code.
18. He got rid of corrupt French tax collectors in Haiti. Substituted clear-cut tax rules.
19. He promulgated and administered new laws with justice (unique for colonials).
20. He improved the quality of slaves’ lives measurably. Gave them pride as members of society.
21. He was the “First one who brought guerrilla warfare to he notice of military historians. He used strict discipline and precision with athletic prowess.”

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Press Play: Social Studies

Lyrical black on black duo, Social Studies played at The Earl in East Atlanta this past Saturday. 

Zano, the group’s prolific lyricist pounds the mic with rhymes and metaphors laced with a touch of negro dialect

Beat master, Chris Devoe conducts the set with a string of experimental hip hop beats that leave you either snapping your fingers or bobbin’ your head.

Together they form a pair of Awesome so check out their new album Proxemics, available now!

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Local photographer, Marcus Tanner is featured in Vice Magazine online for February. 

After our Q&A, I discovered many interesting things about this street style-minimalist. I’m now convinced he’s on his way to the top. Black Terry Richardson anyone?

Speaking of which, If you or anybody you know is a cosmic force of Awesomeness and would like to be featured-holla at me:

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